Summer '11 Video Contest

Summer '11 Video Contest

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  • Miss Lily

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  • aeris

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  • VeiledChams

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  • Jono

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Chameleon Video Contest
summer 2011

Entry Deadline: August 7 2011
Voting Ends: - September 7 2011

The first place winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to a sponsor of their choice. Trophy icons will be given to the top three ranking videos. Also, the top three videos will be added to our Chameleon Forums youtube channel.

Our video contest is still in its infancy stages and the rules will continue to evolve. If you have a suggestion please create a new thread in the photo contest forum. This particular thread is for the collection of contest entries and will be heavily moderated.

You must have the full rights to any video you enter into the contest.
Unless contradicted here, all [thread="102"]photo contest rules[/thread] apply to the video contest.
No text or commercial advertising of any kind.
Video content must be of a chameleon.
Video content must be appropriate for kids.
Video length must be at least 30 seconds. Only the first 90 seconds will be judged.
Videos that break the above rules will be removed.
A new thread will be created for voting purposes.
The site administrator reserves the right to modify these rules at any time and to remove any entry for any reason found necessary.

How to enter
At this time Chameleon Forums does not host videos. This means contest entries and any video in general you want to share with the community needs to be hosted elsewhere. Members frequently host video at Youtube and Vimeo. For information on how to embed video within your forum posts visit the thread linked below.

To enter the video contest simply embed a video into this thread.

Voting will proceed in the same manner as the photo contests.

* The entry deadline will be extended until at least 10 valid entries have been received.
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Similar to our photo contests, the entry count was reduced to 15 videos. I'd like to thank everyone who participated and took the time to enter. If your entry did not make the final list please try again in our Fall 2011 video contest.

Members have put a lot of work into creating these videos, so please take your time when voting.

Voting ends September 7th
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Reminder: Please review all videos before casting your unbiased vote.

Prize Update: The winner will now have the option of choosing a gift certificate to the sponsor of their choice.
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