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In reading about prey it seems worms are better then crickets because they contain more Ca then other forms of prey. So why do people use crickets then? Wouldn't feeding worms nullify the need for dusting? I did read prey other then crickets should be used as a treat though.

Should you very the diet weekly, daily etc???

Also what's the rule for feeding as they grow? Meaning how many crickets or worms do you feed? I know nothing bigger the the width between their eyes but how about quantity??


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Actually crickets are higher in calcium than some worms. The great thing about crickets is they can be gutloaded where as most worms cannot. You can gutload superworms, but horns eat a special chow and silks eat a special chow or mulberry leaves. Waxworms and phoenix worms are not gutloaded either. And yes the diet should be varied as much as possible but alot of times chameleons are picky eaters and will turn down certain foods. When your chameleon is younger, you want to feed more of course as they are growing at a rapid rate. Babies like 15 or so feeders a day, juveniles like 10 feeders or so, adults 6 or so feeders. You just gradually cut back as they get older. When they become adults at about 12 months or so you can cut back their feedings to every other day. Some people start cutting back way before that. This just gives you a general idea but you don't have to use the exact number of feeders I stated.


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Crickets are just creepy crawlers. They are in every pet store so they're easy to come by and convenient. Great for making chams hunt, which gives me something to watch and as said easily gut loaded with all different foods. Roaches are good but rather boring to put in a cup or to have hide under your pots.

Crickets need to be dry and clean to not smell, and yes of course they're dirty but I wouldnt go as far to say roaches are Clean. Eventually you learn technique to housing smelless escapless bugs at least if your housing 1000s in your bedroom:eek:


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Roach Fras will actually cause breathing problems in humans. You can google it for more info but the dust will irritate your lungs.
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