Suggestion on De-wormer brand/Dosage?


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My C. breeder suggested to get Panacur paste thru My C. was recently de-wormed at my Vet which really improved his overall appetite and I would like to find an OTC wormer to do it myself annually to cut down on Vet cost.

Brands that others have used with good results as an annual de-wormer?

Question on dosage: How much do you use for an adult Panther? ( I assume that you give no more than a very small drop of the paste.).

Do you know how to read a fecal.

Just like a dog and a cat that go to the vet to get a yearly, a cham should probably have a yearly check up which would include a fecal and fecal cytology. Obviously this is not free. The problem lies in the fact that all the internal parasites that chams get cannot be easily treated by one particular drug.

Ex.- Coccidea is not uncommon in chams. TrimethoprimSulfa is used, but this would be useless in the treatment of strongids. Additionally, TMPS may cause some chams to become anorexic (a risk that may be avoided if a fecal shows no signs of the organism.)

Unless you know how to do these tests and have the equipment to do so (which could easily be taught to you by someone who knows. Some breeders do it themselves, I've heard,) I would be reluctant to just give a general dewormer and have the false sense of security that comes with it.

Obviously the risk of parasites is lower if the cham does not have a history of being wild caught, or does not eat insects from a proven (clean source (some wild caught insects may carry the ova of some flukes/worms/protozoa)). Ask your local vet, but yearly deworming may not even be necessary.

I am, of course, curious how others would answer this question.
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