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I am using a peaty loom about an inch thick in the bottom of both my male and females 4ftx2ftx2ft enclosures. These are VC and I tried nothing on the bottom but after the drip went and the monsoon mists there was always standing water and my feeders died. The 2 easiest things to do to prevent the standing water would be a catch at the bottom but the tree structure does not allow a small bowl and the other put paper towels in the bottom. The problem with that is that my male stresses when I do this and it just seems like hes pissy all day when I change out the papertowels. Is anyone have ideas other that putting in live plants as this would be the same as a catch bucket the tree structure doesn't allow pots at the bottom.
I use plastic shelving and then drill a 1 inch hole right in the middle of my PVC bottom of my cage. I then put a heavy potted plant over that hole and creates a dip in the PVC bottom so most of the water is drained. It is then collected underneath the shelving in a large plastic container. I have a mistking and have it set for multiple long sessions and my drainage works perfectly. I use no paper towels or any kind of substrate at all. Here is a picture of one of shelves, so you can get an idea of how the water drips through.

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