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My female juvenile Veil seems to like to hang from the top of the cage alot. She is always right under where I placed my full spectrum uva/uvb florescent fixture. I'm sure that the cage is not burning her feet because I checked how hot it gets and it shouldn't hurt her. Does this mean anything? Maybe she's trying to tell me she needs more uvb. There are plenty of branches for her to get close to the light, but she prefers to hang on the top. One thing that I noticed was when I bought her from the pet store she was hanging like that too. The pet store did a terrible job of facilitating her. She was in a small glass case with no branches to climb and only one plant. Luckily she was only there for four days. Maybe she is just used to being up there and feels secure. What do you think?
Anytime I have gotten a new cham they have done that for about a week or so, some even 2-3 weeks. Eventually they get used to their cage and stop climbing on the top of it. As long as you have plenty of branches and a good temperature gradient (~90f for basking, and cooler temp. in other places) you should be fine.
Well, I went to the store and bought a new branch for her. I put it right under the UVB light and now she doesn't hang from the ceiling. She just hangs out on the branch. That seems to be her new favorite spot besides her basking branch.
Your story is a great reminder to us that we need to pay attention to our animals in order to give them what they want and need.
They provide us with clues all the time on how we can make their lives better.
Taking your cues from the cham is a big part of practicing superior husbandry!

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