Standard 50w Halogen Bulbs as spots?

Discussion in 'Enclosures And Supplies' started by dmrich, Dec 13, 2010.

  1. dmrich

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    Hello All

    I will shortly be constructing an Aluminium rack to house my current (and future chameleons) along the lines of forum member Joery's (attachment below) but in units of three with mesh cages instead (quite a project for the new year :eek:).

    Within the enclosed lighting unit at the top, I intend to use a linear UV bulb running above all of the vivs, but for spotlights - rather than have individual reflectors with standard household bulbs - do you think it would be possible to use something like the Halogen 50w spotlight unit attached below. Would these be suitable as a spotlight (initially for Veiled's but perhaps with more species in time) or do they produce too little or too much heat? If so what kind of distance should these be mounted from the top of a mesh viv/basking area to be used safely?

    Also I note that some on forums have suggested that angled spotlights are more beneficial as they simulate the position of the sum in the sky much better than a bulb directly pointing down?

    However look forward to hearing from anyone who uses these or can offer advice on this.

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  2. SS4Luck

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    I know whe we use bulbs like that for tortoises and beardies we use flood lights not spot lights as it doesnt creat a centered point of heat, but rather a large patch of heat :)

    i cant answer much more than that, i know that 50W out of a bulb like that is a lot warmer than a standard 50W lol.
  3. dmrich

    dmrich Member

    Thanks for the reply - do you know if it is just a case of swapping the bulbs then, or do they require different specific units? I am guessing not if they are the same wattage?

    Would be good to know if anyone is actually already using these as spots for the chams?
  4. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    I use the 50 spot, I like to have a warm area with a fairly directed light so I am able to determine if the cham is needing more heat or if they stay completely out of the light I go down in watts.
  5. dmrich

    dmrich Member

    Hi Laurie

    Thanks - so you use just a standard 50w halogen spot - not flood or any other specific type (I note that Exo Terra do a 35w - but most people seem to be saying that it is no different from a standard halogen bulb really)?

    Just wanted to check that I wasn't thinking of doing something that was completely unheard of !!:D

    Oh and Laurie I note that you seem to have a lot of experience with the temperate species (do you/have you kept Elliotts?) - what do you use as a spot for these types species as it seems very difficult to not heat the viv too much, even with a small bulb?
  6. Itwas

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    Im sure that the only difference between the reptile specific bulbs and the ordinary household ones are that the reptile bulbs send more heat forward where as the home bulbs try to direct the heat backwards and away from where the light is pointing. I dont really see what difference it makes which bulb you use as long as the temperature is right at the place you want it to be.
  7. dmrich

    dmrich Member

    Thanks everyone - yes think it will be a little trial and error seeing at what height to mount them above the viv - but aslong as normal halogens bulbs are ok to use then that is fine.

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