Spots on Veilded ????


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Baby female Veilded cham. she is about 2-2.5 in 2.5-3 months old. She has recently been staying a darker green color but she had this really light green spot on her side right by her left arm. It doesnt seem to look like it is something growing on her but i was just wondering if this is common? what is could be? the other veilded cham in the cage with her is in the process of shredding and he is just a bit bigger then she.
I was planing on seperating them later on this month as they dont really seem to be bothering each other at all.
as thoughts?
all crickets are being dusted with herptivitive and rep cal.
Could you try to rephrase that a different way. I did not understand what you where talking about.
I don't know what the spot might be...can you post a picture, please?

I'm glad to hear that you are separating them soon. Keeping two veileds together once they are over 4 months of age will usually lead to the demise of one of them.

Re: female....once she reaches sexual maturity, she can produce eggs even when not mated. If you don't want to risk her dying eggbound, then you need to provide her with a place to dig to lay them in her cage.

Here are some sites with good information about chameleons that you might like to read...check out the e-zine link on the first page of the first site too...
I tried to get a good pic but have had no luck.. I will try the container thing and see if that helps
My chameleon had a spot on her right side, it was white untill she shed then it turned black and has gotten smaller with every shed she has. it has been there for about three months and now is almost completly gone. I dont know what it was, but it may have a burn from her heat lamp, i am not sure, but it never seemed to bother her at all.
Naturally veileds have these little white stripes the run horizonital on both flanks. I have seen two stripes. I have seen three stripes. These are natural. I have never heard anyone explain this. I have alway supected that their arms seperate from their mid section while they are developing skin in the egg. That is just something I thought could be a possibility. I have no knowledge of any research that suggested this to be true or not true. I have noticed on two different juvenille veileds slight discoloration on the insides of the elbows. If that is what you are talking about.
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