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Has Anyone Ever Had The Feet Crack Or Split? Kahegas Front Right Foot Has A Split In The Middle, What Should I Use To Treat It? Neosporine, Or What, I Know Alcohol Would Hurt Him. I Don't Know What To Do?
Cage 48+48+48
Temp 80 Perch 101
Water Drip 4hrs Straight(mist In Morning)
Food, Silkies, Wax, Roaches, And Superworms.
Humidifier 1 Hour, At 430pm
Heat Lamp/reptisun 700am-700pm

Other Than His Foot, He Has Been In Perfect Health. I Am In Vegas And It Is Very Dry, I Don't Know If The Humidity Is To High?
Kahega Is Almost A Year Old.
Any Insight On How To Rectify This Problem Would Be Greatly Appreciated.
I would take him to the vet. I really have not heard of something like this before. With other injuries you could probably wait and see if it heals clean provided that the humidity is low for awhile. With a foot I could see this wound having a hard time staying closed up and possibly becoming infected. I would try to find out what happened. If it was something in the cage that injured him or put him in a position to where he injured him self. Neosporin would probably work but I would only do this inconjunction with a vets opinion.

Can you get a picture? I am curious as to what it looks like.
Howdy Geno,

Like Jordan said, a qualified vet would be a reasonable thing to do to insure that the wound doesn't get out of control. Posting photos would be useful. Photos of your setup would help too. If his perches and climbing items are the wrong size, foot injuries can be more likely to occur. If you don't have a digital humidity meter, pick one up at Lowe's (http://www.lowes.com/lowes/lkn?action=productDetail&productId=21243-1308-00887GT) or Home Depot. Aim for something between 40%-70%.
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