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I have had my little crested gecko, Splat, for two months now and he has doubled his weight in that time - he now weighs 15g and is looking more chunky too! Finally I managed to work out the right settings on my camera to both get a licky shot and show off his colour properly as I see it.

Firstly, my best licky pic yet - 'Mmmmmm, eyeball!':D


Just a few more pics to show his true colour. He is so cute and very friendly - he just sat on my finger for ages last night! So different from the chams, lol!




Tiff Splat is adorable. It is great to sleep late and wake up laughing. The licking picture is just the best. He is a pretty little boy for sure. Thanks for the pictures.
pretty kool i just got the chams of madagascar dvd and it talks alittle about gekos, got me interested, i love him so cute enjoy
Sorry Harry. Don't mean to make you sad.:( My Splat can be a little crazy too, so I think he is quite worthy of sharing his name with your beloved Splat. It makes me think of you and your chams quite often.:D
Aw, he's adorable! He has VERY pretty colors too. You know what morph is he is? I know my girl is a Red Harley but i'm no expert. Lol!:)
Thank you! Splat is a red harlequin partial pinstripe. He also has portholes, white fringes and kneecaps too! :D Such a long title for a tiny l'il gek! He is just my Splat to me and I love him to bits!:D
He's coming along nicely; good thing he's nocturnal and Amy and Tommy are asleep when he gets up, or they'd be jealous!:D He sounds a lot tamer than Egil, my gargie, but I haven't had as much chance to take Egil out yet as I would have liked. He's jumpy, but will sometimes lick applesauce from my fingers (or walk through it and track it all around).
Thanks Heather! Splat was very nearly a holdback - the breeder only sold him in the end because they didn't have a suitable female forhim to be paired with. As they almost kept him he was handled pretty much every day and has sat waiting to come out every night since he was two weeks old! I didn't realise he did that before I got him until the breeder asked if he still did it when I mentioned it to her! He really is one special little crestie, even if he does insist on pooping on me almost every night!:mad: At least I don't have to clean his cage and search for poop that often as I always know EXACTLY where he's done it, lol!:D
Hmmmmm, I did wonder that. But my hands are always cold - especially my right (mouse operating) hand! Interestingly, he won't go to my hubby very often and he has much warmer hands than I do. :confused:
He certainly is Jann! He is still so tiny too! Although I can feel that he is growing by how he feels on my hand! He now weighs 16g. I can't wait for him to get big and chunky, lol!
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