Specific species for May?


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I am thinking of having a veiled only photo contest for May. What does everyone think?

I think that sounds like alot of fun. I think that they are beautiful animals but its hard to find pics of them because they are often overshadowed.
With only vieled evetybody without vieled automaticaly cannot enter the contest. And this might be able for vieleds and panthers but not with other species. Why not per genus...

For example this month chamaeleo chamaeleo
next month bradypodion
next month furcifer
next month chamaeleo trioceros
next month leaf chameleons (brookesia and rhampholeon
And an specific calumma month ore combine it with the furcifers.

Then more people can enter the contests. Just a thought.
I think that's a great idea, and you guys should deffinetly do that. I agree they are often overshadowed due to how common they may be, and Veiled's are usually never pictured to their full potential, but I know a lot of you have awesome Veiled pics. I know you're hiding them, guys- cough 'em up. LOL ;)
michele i notice that you live on sanibel island and i was wondering if you have incountered and nile monitors in the wild down there if so have you taken any photos of them
i haven't been past tampa yet but i would love to see all the exotic reptiles in the wilds of florida. i hoping this year i can make it to ft lauderdale
Eric Adrignola said:
...Or the large breeding population of C. calyptratus across the bridge in Ft. Meyers...

Someone brought in a female Jacksons that had been found in the wild in Lake Alfred, just west of Orlando. I bet there are more chams. out there than we think. Also, I think that it would be a great idea to go by species on the photo contest because it would show color variations and size differences that you wouldn't normally get to see or compare next to each other.

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jvillereptile said:
michele i notice that you live on sanibel island and i was wondering if you have incountered and nile monitors in the wild down there if so have you taken any photos of them

Eric Adrignola said:
...Or the large breeding population of C. calyptratus across the bridge in Ft. Meyers...

We have actually had one Nile Monitor captured and brought into the clinic I work at (Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife -C.R.O.W.) because it attacked a resident's cat. He sure was a big one too...although I have yet to encounter a wild Veiled. Mike from FLchams also told me there was a wild population near me. I'm planning on taking a trip up to Ft. Meyer's soon to check out the Veiled population, maybe nab myself a pair or two, LOL :rolleyes:
I don't know where they are - if you know, email me! Bill Love refuses to tell me - I guess he doesn't know me well enough to trust me. HE believes (and rightly so), that if the exact location of the veileds in Florida becomes known, they will be exploited. I won't exploit them - I admit, I'd probably take a couple, if they're nice looking, and seem to have favorable traits - but I want to go to see them in the wild - that would be cool.

They're not a bad invasive at all. Niles, on the other hand - very bad. Shot on sight bad. They're just not a good species to have running wild. Them and the big snakes. Chameleons will just eat bugs and hibiscus flowers... and maybe lots of cuban brown anoles. I think we need to release some melleri down there to help control those little suckers.

Wanna hear something REALLY scary? Ernie Jillson, of the Miami Dade Fire Dept's. "Venom One" unit,(largest public-use antivenin collection/storage in the US) had a list of many of the snake bites they've treated in the past several years. Some all over the world. Most of them were Native snakes, pit vipers especially. Many of the exotics were cobras and mambas - and not all of the cobra and mamba bites were in captivity.

Yup - cobras and mambas are now living and breeding in the wilds of Florida.
Lovely, huh?

And, to remain on topic: I think a species specific photo contest would be cool, but not every time. Maybe every 2-3 months. We'd have panthers and veileds.... and after that, we're really limiting our entries.
I'm game for a good old florida herp hunt if anyone is interested. It's a bit of a drive for me but it would be worth it to see a wild population of veileds. I bet I could find a few. All we have to watch out for are cobras and mambas :eek: no big deal. Hearing that may have changed my mind though. I go into the woods here but I usually am just looking for tillandsias and orchids but I haven't seen any chams yet. Michele, how hard do you think it would be to catch one? I bet it would be tough.

Eric- LOL, Ya know- just a few lethal venomous snakes, no biggie. Oh by the way, I'm most deffinetly not telling YOU where all the Veiled's are. Hahaha, kidding! I don't know where they are myself, all the information I got was that they were located somewhere in Ft. Meyer's. Everyone who knows is holding out on us...besides, it's not like they would tell me anyways :D

Jerm- Hard to catch a Veiled chameleon, or a Cobra? LOL...You can take care of the Cobra's, I'll stick the the Veileds. :p It would really stink if they were high up in 70 ft. tree's, or worse. Really, I would think that a totally wild Veiled would be extremely aggresive, especially if you encounter one outside (Eric and I have had that conversation) When I take my Veiled outside, he becomes so territorial he actually chases me away. Sooo, I'm really looking foward to see how aggresive they are.
I bet they would be very aggressive. My panthers also get aggressive when they go out. Theres something about seeing those huge trees and natural sunlight that brings out the wild in them. On the weekends I work at a shop that has several venomous snakes, but I only mess with the non-venomous. It would actually be pretty amazing to see on of those snakes in the wild and catch it. It would definately be an adrenaline rush.

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I think a vield cham contest would be cool:D i think bob the chameleon would love to be a star of chameleon forums lol:D
panther chameleons have won plenty of times in the photo contest:D but lets let the veild's take the spotlight its only one month:rolleyes:there will be other month's for mixed chams too:D
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