Species? Who can Guess 1 ????

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I hatched this little one out today. Who knows what this is?


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is that a quad? got the gular scales and the orange. Cute little guy. That's an awesome benifit to being a dealer - you have access to so many cool species. Too many of the dealers don't get into their animals - it's great to see you not only breeding/selling them, but actually being interested in them. Most of the other WC dealers will post on the forums RIGHT before a big shipment comes in!
Eric, You nailed it. It is a Quad Baby. I have more hatching now. This is something I really enjoy but I am not an importer if that's what you mean by dealer! I actually own my own business NOT a Reptile business. Chameleons are more of my therapy away from the corporate business world.

Thanks again!
Well, I know you're not an importer - but you do hae a chameleon business, webpage, and nice booths at reptile shows. That's what I mean by dealer. Quads are nice animals - when I have more space and a cooler room, then I will probably think abotu getting them.
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