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Species Database
Dev Leaders: Trace, Chris Anderson

This is a large project with great potential. To help maintain organization and focus, the development of this resource will be led by Trace and Chris Anderson. For this to be a success feedback, suggestions, and contributions will be required by the community. If you would like to help out please stop by the thread linked below. All constructive input will be considered and appreciated.

Species Database: [thread=54650]Open Suggestions[/thread]
After a busy summer we would like to get back to some of our ongoing and long term projects around here. First up is the database. We are currently looking for photos for all of the species listed in the database save for Chamaeleo calyptratus (Veiled Chameleon) and Furcifer pardalis (Panther Chameleon). We have lots of those ;) Any photos submitted have to be yours and can not be stolen from other parts of the internet. You would give us the right to use your photo as either the avatar or in the species description itself.

So Brad and I aren’t inundated with tons of photos at once and so we can keep up with things we are specifically looking for representative photos of all Brookesia, Rhampholeon, Rieppeleon this week. The requests for other genera will follow very shortly.

Here is what we need to get filled. We do realize that not everyone has either kept or photographed some of these in the wild so they may remain blank for the time being but let's see what's out there.


Any and all photos can be sent to: [email protected]

Thanks in advance for everyone’s time and effort. We look forward to seeing the photos and getting this valuable resource off the ground.

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