Spartans Vet Visit


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So I will be taking Spartan to see the famous Dr. Rosskopf, DVM at the Avian & Exotic Vet clinic in Hawthorne, Ca. I have done research and this Doc is good, his main specialty is avian but has authored many books and taught herpetology all over the world. I am kinda excited to have Spartan checked over. I do have insurance for Spartan so I will be going all out on test and what not. I mainly want him to check out the spot he has on his back that I mentioned on an earlier thread.

The spot is now showing up during the day also and it has me worried.

Anyone have any suggestions on other tests I should have the clinic perform? I am thinking blood and fecal.

I will post status on this thread when I get back from seeing Dr. Rosskopf.


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Okay so the diagnosis was thermal burns that has become infected.

He stated that Spartan looked great well hydrated, well nourished, very strong and very active. So no other tests were recommended.

I was given antibiotics for the infection (Baytril Oral (injected into worms).

Silvadene cream to apply on the effected area.

So he was telling me that Chams have alot of bacteria on their skin that usually dont harm them but as soon as there is a lesion or burn the bacteria can infiltrate the skin and cause infection.

Hopefully I can get him healed and this black spot gone.
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