soon to be pygmy tank :D (pics)


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Well ive decided to go for a pygmy chameleon.
im ordering it offline. and i want to know if this cage is suffice.
its a acrylic atrium by zilla. and its dimensions are 12x18x20.
i have two live plants and 2 fake ones. 1 pothos plant, and a planted money tree. i plan on adding more branches. and ive included a cocnut hut just in case:D let me know what you guys think. and it would be great if you posted pics of your pygmy setups.
thanks in advance.

your setup looks great.
also. would two pygmys fit in my tank?
and what size tank where you using for your pygmys?
Ok. well good news :D
i found someone on cl. that is trading me for two 6 month old female pygmy chams. they come with their cage. so im not sure if ill use their cage or the one i have setup. regardless. ill most likely seperate them. one in each cage. so they have plenty of room to themselves.
ill post pictures as soon as i get them :D
Pygmys are one of the few cham species you can house together actually. So if the cage they come with is 15 gallons or more you could keep them together. These chams live in dense underbrush pretty close to the ground so they like substrate (and will need it to lay eggs) covered in leavess and other debris and a densely planted cage with lots of small 'highways'. They actually do very well in glass cages becuase they like high humidity and don't need as much ventilation. The picture of the cage you posted would work if you added organic soil substrate and lots and lots of plants and sticks. This care sheet is excellent for pygmy chams - I suggest you take a look at it.
Ok. thanks for the advice.
the cage their in is a medium kritter keeper.
i dont think itll work for them. so im going to use the acrylic atrium.
one of the females is gravid.
can you explain to me how to incubate the eggs.
and i might need to rehome the babies.
i dont think im capable of caring for something so small.
I got them!!!!
i have two. two females.
one isnt looking to good. shes on the skinny side.
on the other hand, the other female is gravid.
i will post pics in a bit. im waiting for them to settle down. the skinnier female is dark, and the gravid female is light tan. any ideas on how to fatten up the skinny one? i was given 300 pinheads. and the gravid one ate a few.
they were in a medium kritter keeper. but i switched them into the acrylic atrium.
they both drank. and are exploring endlessy. wow. i cant believe how small they are. i didnt expect it. well pics in a few.
thanks in advance

the two chams. pics arent to good. but ill get more.

and their wonderful abode.
im going to add some vines tommorow.
ill go buy a few more plants, sometime this week. and the cage should be filled to capacity :D any tips for care would be appreciated.
although ive already read alot about them.
congrats!! incubating is easy u can leave them in the soil where they laid them or you can dig them up and put them in a few inches of moist perlite in a tupperware dish pop a few holes in for circutation put them in a dark closet and
as far as feeding you should be able to feed larger crickets like 1/8-1/4 size and mine love baby silkworms hornworms and mealworms enjoy your new clan!!!
Ok. thanks :D
i cant wait for her to lay. but waiting is going to kill me, lol.
ill post updates on how there doing.
the other female is skinny. but im hoping that tlc will cure the issue.
the other female is fat. and is on the move, she wanders the ground quite often.
its only been one night, and im already attatched. haha. this is going to be a new addiction. i can already tell
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