Sonny and Cher



These are my two new crested geckos Sonny and Cher. Hopefully I will have little cresteds in a few months.

I'm not sure that Manga (my ambanja) likes them. Fortunately they don't see much of each other since the pair are mostly nocturnal.


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I'm having a lot of them and highly recommend cresteds as supplementary lizards to chameleons. Mostly nocturnal, so they don't bother my cham during the day. They eat mostly the same stuff and don't require a lot of care. Great personalities...

I got them mostly because they don't mind being handled. Mine actually like to be hand fed babyfood(fruit). Manga (my ambanja panther) does NOT like to be handled, so they are a compromise to keep me satisfied.

These two are actually dalmations. The blonde one is male and the gold one is female. I will probably pick up a second female at ReptiCon in Charlotte this July to house with them.

I also resently acquired some leopard geckos (pics to come soon). I now have a few interesting reptiles to bring to lectures or classroom talks.

Anyway, its hard to have just one reptile....

Talk to y'all later,
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