Something on Zulu's lip?


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Chameleon Info:

* Your Chameleon -male Panther chameleon about 5.5 or 6 months old, ive had him for around 3 or 4 months
* Handling - Rarely
* Feeding - mostly crickets, hes a picky eater and doesnt really enjoy worms, he eat around 15 crickets a day dusted with miner all cal w/o d3 and rep cal w/ d3 and herptitive 2-3 times a month; gut loading with butternut squash, orange,kale and apple
* Supplements - miner all w/o d3 rep cal w/ d3 and herptitive
* Watering - mistking goes on about 6 times a day, 3 10 mins mist and 3 5 mins mist and a little dripper that is on about 4 hours a day
* Fecal Description - dark brown with a white urate
* History -

Cage Info:

* Cage Type - 24x24x48 lllreptile cage
* Lighting - 5.0 reptisun and a regular 60w bulc for basking
* Temperature - basking temp hovers around 80-83, ambient temp is about 70 and at night it falls to 65
* Humidity - 40 before mist and around 85 after
* Plants - i have a pothos, umbrella and a ficus
* Placement - next to my bed in my room, the top of the cage is about 6 feet above the floor, no vents fans or anything
* Location - Long island, New york

Current Problem - he has something on the right side of his lip, not sure what it is. I was away for 3 days and came back last night, i just noticed it

Looks like a slight swelling, possibly something has pierced his gumline.
You want to avoid infection. You can treat the area with a qtip with betadine or neosporin etc.
If it gets worse, see your vet, infection can spread over time and without apparent symptoms until the lizard is very sick. Dont wait start now. :)
Can you see inside his mouth and see if there is anything on the inside his mouth and not just the outside?
I didn't see the inside of his mouth, but he ate fine this morning. I just bought some neosporing, is it ok if I put it on while he's sleeping?
my guy bruised his lip before and i looked like that, it did not seen to bother him and went away in a week or so.
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