Something hanging from my veiled chameleons rectum.

Discussion in 'Health Clinic' started by Chantellereay, Oct 2, 2011.

  1. Chantellereay

    Chantellereay New Member

    I've been reading around to see if I could figure out what it is and most people that have had the same question answered it was a rectal prolapse but it doesn't seem to be that big. I don't know the size of a rectal prolapse but I feel like it would be bigger that what Nigel has hanging from him. It's very thin and light brown about a few centimeters long. Any ideas?

    I'm taking him to the vet for his arm. I've just noticed it today so he hasn't been like that for a while of anything.
  2. allencg101

    allencg101 Member

    post a pic so we can help you out
  3. Chantellereay

    Chantellereay New Member


    He is clearly a little pissed off but it is that little brown thing.

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  4. brandychams

    brandychams New Member

    dont know if its dried feces or his hemipenis but try soaking him in warm water to see if it comes off if not than hell need a vet
    i also think he slightly has mbd by the curves of his arms:(
  5. Chantellereay

    Chantellereay New Member

    I have never seen that before! His arms have been fine. I'll have to take him to the vet. :'( It looks broken or something because it's only on the one side.
  6. laurie

    laurie Retired Moderator

    That is a sperm plug. You can very gently pull it out. It is pretty gross but most of us have had the pleasure. Ugh. Let me know how it goes for you. If the thing just won't come out try soaking it for a while, that may help. How long has he had it? Do a search and you will gets lots of info.
  7. Chantellereay

    Chantellereay New Member

    It's been there for a like a day or two. Not long. Thanks! I'll do some looking into it :)
  8. A sperm plug sir. Just pull it out gently..... if you feel resistance, let it fall out on it's own.

    Or do what laurie is telling you
  9. Chantellereay

    Chantellereay New Member

    It came out. I didn't have to pull too hard, I just wanted to make sure it wasn't something important. Thanks for your help :)
  10. Cainschams

    Cainschams New Member

    Something about that picture just doesnt seem right to me. Do you have anymore full shots of him? The legs look a little "off" especially the front one. Possible MBD.
  11. Chantellereay

    Chantellereay New Member

    Yeah, I just noticed that today. I've never seen anything wrong with his legs before, the top right one definitely something wrong with it. I'm still taking him to the vet for that issue. Thanks for your concern!
  12. jannb

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  13. benosy420

    benosy420 New Member

    me too!!

    My panther has the same thin I hope he won't be steral!!!
  14. Elizadolots

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    benosy, Hi! Welcome to the forum!

    I really suggest you start a new thread and include the How To Ask For Help information (just copy, paste into a reply and type your responses).

    Jumping into an older thread is bound to cause confusion.

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