Someone Help Cham Dieing Please


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Saturday night I noticed my chameleon like choking on something almost thought he was choking on a cricket. He then like puked up a mucus ball or something weird. He the proceeded to fall over backward and lay on his back on some branches. I give him vitamin and calcium supplements that are all within the dates. I have called numerous vets but nothing until tomorrow otherwise its going to cost at least 500 dollars. Now today i come home from work and he is on the bottom of his screen cage laying on the woodchips. I take him out and put him on his vine in my room and he seems to be fine. Then I put him back in his cage and he just falls onto the floor and lays there. I dunno whats wrong please help out dexter he is my fav animal and I will be devistated. Thanks everyone. Mike
Is it possible that one of those wood chips is caught in his throat or causing an impaction?
Substrate is not recommended for chameleons because of the possibility of this happening.
We cannot diagnose this problem on line nor are we vets (except for Dr. Mathew [maybe he'll chime in])
Hope you get him to the vet as soon as possible.

all the vets in wi suck there are no emergency ones. He died in the process. poor guy. I am done with chameleons its just too frustrating. I cant stand to let a animal die in my care.
If he's as bad as you say, you need to go to the emergency room. Though they may not be herp vets, at the least they can open his mouth and look in to make sure there is not something caught in his throat...maybe take an xray to see if he has an obstructive pattern..

Yeah, this will probably cost some money, but if you don't go asap, his chance of survival continue to decrease.

Sorry I don't have anything else to contribute,
You posted just before me.

I'm so sorry for your loss and I certainly understand your frustration.

I am sorry too.
These guys are so hard, and the rules for most other reptiles just don't apply.
I really don't know what else to say....I would be devastated.

I am sorry for you loss. Please don't give up on chameleons, they are a learning process for all of us and well worth it.
I lost my first chameleon too, and it is very discouraging. But if your still fasctinated by them then maybe just take some time apart and come back to it in a few months. That is what happened to me. I did everything I could for my Karma but he became constipated and when I realised it it was too late and he died ovenight... I can relate to your frustration, and most of us on here can to. Chameleon's are a very fullfilling challenge. Keep your chin up!
I studied about chams off and on for a whole year, after my friend's female veiled died of egg impaction. before allowing myself to own my male veiled.
Sorry for your loss... poor little git.
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