Some Pictures of My Family in Guatamala This Chrismas

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My family and I. I'm the big one on the far right.


A shaman performing a ceremony for me on my birthday to cure a terrible cough I had. It kind of worked.


I saw a volcano erupt!


I saw some awesome Macaws


A Morelets Crocodile


Lake Atitlan


A central American Pyramid

The people were great and we saw other wildlife as well. A Rock Iguana, an American Crocodile, another species of Macaw, Howler and Spider monkeys, Agouti, and Orange phase iguanas. Plus Starbucks is not even close to the quality of coffee the serve in Guatemala. The rum and cevicha (spelling?) was great as well. There are many central American pyramids for cultural site seers. All are only a 3 hour flight out of Dallas Fort Worth and made for a great Christmas.

The two mountains in the background of the Lake Atitlan pictures are active volcano's.
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Nice place! Lovely pictures, and if the coffe is really as good as you said, i must go there for a quick visit :) I bet you had a wonderful xmas! :) Lucky!
Now that looks like how to spend Christmas. Must be wonderful to have the family together like that. We went on a boat cruise from Maintz, Germany to Amsterdam over one Christmas. Too much boat time not enough shore time, but what we saw was great.
Now that the area is becoming more stable I would recommend it at a place to visit. There are many small towns to site see and shop. Plus the food and the scenery is great. As well it is actually a great way to spend 12 days of 80 F weather instead of 40 F and flooding for a December back home in California. Lake Atitlan actually has 4 active volcano's around it which made for an ambiance I have never experienced before.
Awesome Pics!!! Do you have anymore with the other animals?? The spider monkeys would be kewl to see!! :)
Heres some more pictures!

A Rock Iguana.


An American Crocidile.


Some kind of monkey. I think this one was a Howler Monkey.


An Ocellated Turkey.


An Aguoti.


And some more sites.



Awesome pics and the it looks so warm and tropical..I would so love to visit another country.Australia or Japan are at the top of my list.The only place ive ever been is Baja mexico.
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