Some pictures from today.


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Thank you Jann, Juli, bighutch, and morpheon! It means a lot.

EDIT: thank you Franie! @ink, I actually caught it and fed it off :rolleyes: the adults are pretty neat, they are actually omnivorous katydids.


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Looking good!! Nice shots. I especially like the "package" shots:D
Yea, not exactly what I intended, but it works I guess haha.

Danny your mellers is really coming into his horn. It is nice. All your photo's are great.
Thank you! The bigger one's horn is starting to straighten out, and the little one is starting to grow a little horn nub :D.

Great Danny, thanks for sharing ! How about some johnstoni pics ;) ?
7th picture down is one of the babies cleaning his eyes, they are hard to take pictures of!

Always dig seeing that uthie. He's got to be one of the prettiest ever. Great photos, too!
Thank you, he's got personality too!

He definitely has some color!!! Now we just need some females. I hope this is the year:eek:
Tell me about it!


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Thank you Lisa, ChamOh, and Panthercham.

Amanda, the chameleon in the second picture is a Hanang Hornless chameleon (Kinyongia uthmoelleri). :)
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