Some pictures from today. 2/19/2011


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Well I got a ficus for darwin today, and I decided he should be free ranged in a house pothos while i cleaned his cage. Well I put him in the hanging pothos and I went and checked on delilah and decided I should switch to having Delilah in the plant for a while. Well I went to go get Delilah out of her cage, and I used some winter gloves since her nails are so sharp :eek:, and she fired up because the color! Its just a pair of gray gloves and she never does this when i take her out of her cage, but today she did. As soon as I got her out I was holding her before I did put her in the plant and I forgot to take Darwin out before I got her out. He was sitting above in the plant and the couch is right next to where the plant is, Darwin was all flared up since he seen Delilah. So end of story I got pics! :D

sorry they aren't the best (i'm horrible at taking pics with my camera)
oh yes and my arm is all scratched up! they have such sharp nails! :eek:
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I agree they both look great, but I also would be careful not to let them breed again.

Thanks Laurie :) they never get to be near one another ever again! they can see each other through a plant if I ever let them in the house pothos at the same time. But otherwise they won't be together ever again. one time is enough! lol
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