some pics of my new exotic panther baby and Veiled’s


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first the new guy in his habitat but was at the time hanging upside down from the top of his cage ( I try not to get them wet while I mist, but it happens sometimes so he was a bit upset), The father is 100% Ambilobe . His Mother is a combination of 50% Ambilobe, 25% Nose Be, and 25% Ambanja.
the 3rd pic is of my female veiled climbing the side of her cage, and she is in the 4th pic as well hiding beyond the jungle in her habitat lol. the 5th pic is of my male veiled. Still no names yet! :rolleyes: (I will add my 6th pic of how fixed up the mail veiled cage looks now)

They are all thriving very well no issues (crossing fingers). The digital temperature gauges I bought seem to be working very well. I am thinking of getting some plant lights so my weeping willows will not die, and my hibiscus plants arrive next week If anyone has a link to something I can order online inexpensive please pm me or if you can, respond to this thread.
6th pic of male veiled cage also went and bought some purple passion plants I have to get those washed and re potted tonight.
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