some pics from today


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was lookin at everyone durin a misting today an took a few pics....
first is my sister ambanjas i got from kent i dont know what im goin to do with them ive seprated them before an they stop eating together they eat anything u put in there...there lookin sweet though...



next is a little male ambajna i got from kent also hes just starting to take off, its taken awhile but i think hes goin turn out awesome...

awsome banjas Rob, like always...good luck with them....

so since they are from kent, are they by chance CH?? from WC parents?? either way they look sweet
next we have my hannibal male from chameleon co havent gotten a good pic of him yet as he hates anything an everything but snapped a pic while he was soakin up some heat can u say "purple" also id say hes goin have more red dots then his daddy.... darn hes got more spots then most people's falys


then i hadta take a couple of arley... arley is def one my favs...

Ha! That's so funny they won't eat when you split them up! The Ambilobe girls I got from Ryan were the same way! Anyways, I told ya those girls would end up really pretty! I held back a few of them and....just wait til you see their gravid colors. ;) Glad to see that male's finally starting to color up!
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