Some pics (damaranum, transvaalense, johnstoni, setaroi)


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I thought I should share a few pics made today:

Br.damaranum white headed male:

Br.setaroi juvenile, well, its no colorbomb ;):

Br.transvaalense, young male, young CB female and unsexed juvenile:

And finally, my two johnstoni ladies:



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what a nice family you have there, very impressive they all look happy and healthy & beautifull!!!

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Love the Br Trans. I still kick myself for not picking up a pair last year when I had the oppurtunity. The female johns are sweet as well.


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They are beautiful. What joy to work with all those species.

Did you see my tavs on GnpH's thread? i posted them today to keep Jared from whining.


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The damaranum are incredible, and a favorite for me. I would love the opportunity to work with them. Definitely on my wish list.
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