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I've posted some pictures of my veiled and his home. Hes a male I believe due to the spurs on his back feet. I was wondering if anyone new some tell tale signs for guessing how old he is and how old baby chameleons are before they show there colours? My little guy is a general green all the time which is a little browner when hes basking. Also I calcium dust his crickets everyday with a powdered calcium and D3 supplement is that two much? I assume as well that there are more plants that are non toxic to chameleons i was wondering if anyone knows of a bigger list then the one on this site.
colors strat around 5 months old

hey curly how can you make that assumption when every chameleon is different and you have only owned a chameleon for 2 months like i have some baby veild chams right now and i have 3 bigger males then the rest and 2 of them are starting to get there yellow bands and colour then the other males and my buddie has one of my males and hes starting to get his yellow bands , my male that i used for breeding didnt get any yellow or blue in him until he was about 6 months old so there all different everyone of them , sorry if i sound mean i just wanted to tell you if something bad happen like someone asked "oh is this ok" and you tell them it is and they come back on here and are freaking out cause there reptile died then your in the hot spot and no one will ever trust you and just think your telling BS
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