Some Jackson Chameleon Pics In The Wild

Cameron B

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Hey, all. I was just going through my backlog of photos over time, and found these shots from 2005 in Maui of a male Jackson I saw while walking around. Every time I've ever looked for these guys I'm never able to find them, but I stumbled across this guy. Anyways, figured I'd at least share them with you all.



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Very Nice! He is so cute :) Now are Jacksons condidered an invasive species? They aren't native are they?

Ryan Jarosek

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Thats awesome , I love the pics. there Something about seeing them in the wild.

They were imported to Hawaii in 1972 or 73 something like that. I think I read somewhere that the importer let them go in the backyard to recover from shipping/stress and they established themselves quite easily. I can't remember or find the story I read. Not sure if it is true but interesting none the less.

If anyone can confirm or correct me I would love to know.


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If anyone can confirm or correct me I would love to know.
That's valid, though I'll have to double-check on the year (I'm thinking 1976); can find the story in the Bartletts' chameleon book (Chameleons [Complete Pet Owner's Manual]) and in "A Field Guide to Reptiles and Amphibians in the Hawaiian Islands", Sean McKeown. It's also mentioned in Mary Lovein's relatively new book, "Chameleons in the Garden". See also the Lovein's website <> for more fun with wild Hawaiian Jacksons.

McKeown's book implies that, while nearly all Hawaiian herptiles (exceptions: sea snakes, sea turtles, possibly some geckos) are introductions, and many are recent, most species have yielded little or no damage to indigenous flora or fauna (coqui frog is a possible exception, as are a couple geckos which are outcompeting some of the longer-established geckos). He seems charmed with the Jackson's (as who isn't!), and has nothing bad to say about them.


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man jacksons are everywhere in Hawaii especially at my uncle's farm, like every 5 minutes you would find one.
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