some awesome tongue shots


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Rango getting some yummy super worms :)

took this pic at 6:30 this morning! the first thing he does when he wakes is head for the worm bowl! and this pic is one of my most favorite pictures i have ever taken.

these were taken this afternoon when he was getting his snack. (i couldn't get my flash to work in time, so i just had to take a dark picture :( oh well though cus it still came out neat) :)

a little outta focus.

goin in!

nothing like a nice superworm :)


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Very nice shots! I wish I had a camera that would allow me to take photos like that.
what kind of camera do you use? all you have to do is set your shutter speed to the right speed (ex a 100th of a second.) or if you have a regular camera just point and click right before he's about to go for it! it works almost everytime :)
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