soldier fly larva??


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i have these in my compost and they are really gut loaded and My Cham
seems to love them but, i wanted to make sure they are ok to feed her.
anyone have any wisdom to share, Also, can they eat just any spider i see.
I know some may have poison and could hurt my new baby. Thanks:)
Assuming the larvae are bright pink, yes, they're ok to feed. As for spiders, I would avoid them all. Sure, they probably would try for them naturally, but most spiders would fight back if they thought it was possible.
Most or all of those pictures are pictures of pupa, not larva... Unless I'm losing my memory, the larva are pink, and they eventually turn into what you referenced. I doubt they'd eat non-moving pupa (like is pictured).
your right about the pictures but, these are alive and move all around. they
are just under an inch long and are found just under the surface of my compost keep. they are Phoenix worm...... Hate those trade names... so confusing. DkRhodes you can feed your chameleon with those worms... they are high in calcium! They wiggle a lot and stimulate appetite.!
Do a search on this forum for Phoenix worms.
I had started a thread about them awhile of the many
discussions about possible feeders (I am constantly experimenting).
One of the problems with these is if the cham doesn't pierce the skin when initially consuming the larvae, it will not digest.
This can be's a little labor the thread.

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