Soldier Flies


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Hey guys

I know that phoenix worms are said to have a high calcium content but I was just wondering if when they become soldier flies if their calcium content carries over?


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Good question! I was wondering that myself as I just hatched out some and was thinking that also. Does anyone know if they get really big and if you are supposed to feed them anything? thanks. I wonder the same thing for the moths of the horns and silks. Anyone know if their nutritional content stays the same?


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soldier flies don't eat anything. When the maggots are ready to pupate, they empty their guts and get rid of their digestive system, including their mouthparts. The adults live a few days- just long enough to breed and lay several hundred eggs before they die.

I'm gearing up to grow my own this summer.

I can hardly wait!

I have no idea about the nutritional value of the adult flies.

For more info about the worms and how to culture them yourself:

you can see some adults and get an idea of their size and larvae in this video here:
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