solar glo....


by extera i think what do you think of them and are they worth it seeing that they proclaim the do both uvb and provide heat. has anyone looked into this and checked them out????
I've read up about them and come to the conclusion that it would probly be too hot for the enclosure I have and have read that mercury vapor bulbs can be very dangerous if broken
I've used these lights a couple of times. They get hot, off course because it is both UVB and heath, but they're only really suitable in high enclosures. The reason I don't use them anymore is that they only work for about 3 months! You have to replace them very often. I also heard that they lose their UVB output quickly. So therefore it is a good thing to replace them often, but then financially it is not a very attractive light to use
They're great if you have the proper testing tools (UVB meter and a good probe), otherwise I wouldn't recommend it.
They'd have to be half the price of a fl tube for me to use those. 3 months and their toast!:eek::eek: I'd be broke in a yr buying lights for all my guys.
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