Soil for live plants


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Hello All, I'm new to the chameleon world and the forums. I'm putting together a screen cage setup and want to use live plants. Bought some plants at Lowes, Yucca cane and Draecena. I know I need to re-pot and wash etc. I looked at potting soil, but every bag contained perlite. Is perlite the styrafoam pellets? What kind of soil is safe to use? Thanks very much
When I can't find potting soil that is perlite free, I just buy a little composted cow manure, oganic topsoil and peat moss. I put a little composted manure in the bottom of the pot, then the topsoil, then the peat moss on top.

Actually putting a layer of peat moss over the soil may be better looking than the rocks others are recommending. Looks like dirt. Just put a 1 or 2" thick layer over your soil.
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