SoCal NARBC Show in Anaheim

So no one made a thread about it... and I know its tomorrow... BUUUUUUUT who is going? we should have some meet up times at the Tiki Tiki booth.

sooo.... how about people try to show up around the booth at 30 minutes past the hour starting at 11:30. This gives some chat time and then maybe if people want to head off to the lectures they can. (they start at the top of the hour)

The Richard Funk lecture on Sunday is worth going to. Dave Weldon and I sat in on that last year. It was about parasites. We learned a bit and Dave would lean over and add some input on topics LOL. We also provided technical support because the laptop was acting up. :eek: This year the lecture is on "Anesthesia & Surgery in Reptiles", might be neat. :eek::D

This is the schedule for the weekend. There is an auction after the show at 6pm on Saturday. It is free to get in, there is a cash bar and there is (from what i hear) a lot of fun.

And on Sunday.... We will have a post from Ryan on 'what did Ryan buy at the show'.


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Hey Kevin,
We are going today. I'll swing by the Tiki Tiki booth. Just getting supplies (that's what everybody says LOL) Can't wait to see what Ryan buys at the show!


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The show was awesome.. Had an amazing time helping out at Tiki Tiki. It was great seeing everyone as well.
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