SO Not Comfortable, lol!

Miss Lily

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Amy is just so funny! She does something that makes me laugh or smile every single day! This afternoon she was sat in her favourite place, but OMG! the position she was in, lol! She sat like that for ages! No, she hasn't broken it or dislocated it, it's purely the position that she was sat in! That leg is SO not comfy!:D:eek::D Maybe she has been learning chameleon yoga while I'm at work, lol!:p I always wondered what she did all day!



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She looks like shes going to be gravid soon, try not to over feed while shes gravid so you can keep the clutch controled and she wont die after laying 103+ eggs.


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..and one and two..and breath...and one...and two....and stretch that leg....
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