so its cleaning day still not sure about shower??


Friendly Grasshopper
well yeah!!! i m gunna put the whole setup apart to clean today, ( big pain i live in a condo and there is a foot of snow outside ) but i hear alot about people givin their chams showers at this time and im not too sure. my little guy hates mistings and i wondering if the beifits of a shower will outweigh the stress on him. as well as what about the chlorine and other chems in the water. if i do i was going to put him in there with hhis pothos plant and bounce the water off the wall, warm water 5-10min ???correct???

thx hoj andCamo
i see no need to shower the creature unless it's dehydrated or has some other special need.
That's what I have seen posted here regarding giving showers, but I have heard to do it as long as 25 mins. That seems like a long time. Make sure it's a comfortable warmth for him by testing shower water on your elbow (like people do before giving an infant (human baby) a bath). I did a similar thing recently with my constipated female. It was suggested here that I give her 3 or 4 drops of fish oil and then a warm bath in the sink while gently holding her in my hands. It worked! She's started pooping that night after many days of nothing. Oh, about watering some people say get a "dipper", I don't know what that is but I'm going to try and get one at the pet store. Mine does drink out of a small container I put on the floor of her enclosure but only when I am misting the cage and during the misting she noticed the water movment and light dancing off the water, then she climbs down & dips her mouth into it once or twice. She never dips into it more than once usually when she drinks, it seems like she'd do it 4 or 5 times to get enough? She usually drinks from one of the glass sides on the enclosure when she starts licking droplets I'll spray a constant stream onto the glass so it will run down to her mouth. She drinks a lot then, but I have to be patient because she's slow. It takes her 5 or 15 minutes or more to get enough water before she quits. She stops and holds her head up and swallows too 3 or 4 times during the drinking episode. Oh I forgot to mention earlier: they say never leave you chameleon unattended while you are showing it in the bath room!!!! Watch the whole time!
Hoj I would not stress him. I am sure you keep him well hydrated which should make the shower unnecessary. Just sit the plant somewhere so your cham won't wander to far. And clean away. Try to keep tract of your cham as they are hard to find.
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