So I cleaned out my cage.....


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Hey everyone hows it going. I have a 5 month old Panther and well I had a very nice set up for him. Plants "fake" and logs and what not. But I had to take about 90% of all the plants and logs out because all the crickets that where in his cage where hiding....And he couldnt find them. Now the cage looks stupid. Any idea's on what I can do. Also I have posted before about how he will only eat crickets. I tried Horned worms and roaches and both are a no go hes a little picky bastard haha. I really wanna put all the logs and plants back in his cage but I want him to eat and not have problems finding his food please any ideas? :confused:
There is always cup feeding. If you do a search for that you will find a lot of info. :)

Also, can you describe his cage a little more? Size, material (glass or screen), whether you have a substrate or not, etc.
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The cage is an Exo Terra 18x24x24 all screen with a 3 inch no leak bottom no substrate. I read that you dont want much oh a substrate cuz if your cam eats it he will be impacted. I am using a few sheets of paper towl to hold the water for humidity. And feeding cups would be a good idea....but crickets jump pretty high haha
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