So-Cal vet Dr.Geoff Stein (new hospital)


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I am planning to take my guy for a vet visit, i was reccommended to Dr. Stein and Dr. Greek, though Stein is closer to me. I looked online to where he worked and does not practice in Beverly Hills "Dr. shipps Animal hospital" any longer, i called and asked.

He now practices in VCA McClave animal hospital that is a little further away but not as far as Dr. Greek still.

Just thought peopel might want to knoe they did already.

i wanted to ask poeple if they have gone to this animal hospital before and how are the prices, checkups, fecals, bloodwork ,etc

thanks in advance
Hey Ace, is your cham ok?

for the most part yeah

just want to do a check up, i rather catch things ahead of time...i will take him in april during spring break if he continues to be fine besides the tongue issue and the bags under is eye turrets, if he declines in anyway then sooner

he still eats, drinks and his droppings are fine
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