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There are several forest fires happening in surrounding areas because of the hot weather. The smoke is annoying to me.. gives me a headache and makes my eyes itch. Everything smells like a campfire. My panther has refused to eat for two days now, and I am guessing the smoke is the problem. I bought an air purifier and have been running it in the room, but it doesn't seem to be helping much. Anyone know of anything else that might help?

The only suggestion I can think of is to use an air purifier, but you are already doing that.
I hope your property is safe from those fires!
So far, we are doing alright. Thanks for the thought! My aunt was evacuated a couple days ago, but the wind changed and she got to go home. This happens every year... not a huge deal.

Geez!:eek: What a situation to be in. I feel for you. Do you know anyone that lives away from the fires that might be willing to let you keep the chams there until they clear up? It would probably be a pain to move everything. Have you tried a damp towel along the doors and windows? Good luck! Hopefully everything works out.
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