smaller species of chameleon and Hot temps


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I live in puerto rico so is preatty hot all year long.
i already have had 2 veiled with great succes with the temps i have here.( BUt someone stole them).

are there any small or pymy chameleon that can tolerate the temperatures of the caribbean? have anyone have had any succes on kepping pigmys outside in a secure enclosure?
The temps are similar to florida but in winter it stay hot. like 75-80 degrees no less.
sry for my english
Maybe having them outside was what led to your other chams getting stolen. You should maybe lock em up inside and only take em outside when you can stand guard.:D Just kidding, good luck with your next chams, and I don't think pygmies would do very well outside in the caribbean.
the cages were inside in the garrage but when my brother left the house he leave it open and someone got in and stole the two chams. So now when i get any new cham it will be outside in the backyard so no one can see it.
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