Small female panther egg laying!?


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Hi all

I need some advice, quite urgent actualy.

Well my female ambanja panther chameleon is 6 months old and is 8cm snout to vent thats about 3.2inches.

I want to know if that is small for a female panther? She eats alot, has a spot lamp and goes out in the sun every 2 days otherwise everyday.

Is that size (3.2 inches) small for her age?

And now my worry is that, since she is about the age of sexual maturity - will she lay infertile eggs soon despite her size?

Please let me know if any of this is actualy a cause for concern, what should I do?

Please let me know if you have some advice for me.



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Yes she could lay an infertile clutch any time. Don't worry, get a laying bin in her cage and she will do the rest. Use a container - like a bucket or flower pot- with some organic soil, or just make sure the soil has no chemicals in it. Mix half soil & half play sand. Make sure the soil/sand is wet so it will hold a tunnel without falling in. Not to wet. Dig a hole so she gets the idea and put the bin in her cage. Then hope she is not carrying infertile eggs.


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Thanks laurie will do that tomorrow.
How far off is she from the average full grown female panther?

She is 6 months old and has not been bred, I wouldnt breed her so early.
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