Small Casque on Veiled?


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Hey, my adult male veiled has a small casque compared to most of the pictures i've seen here. I know there are 2 types of veileds, 1 that is sunburst and one that isnt. But is a small casque a bad thing? Does it symbolize something?
A Veiled is a Veiled is a Veiled. They are from Yemen. :)

I thought there were different kinds. Mine is not sunburst at all and only has stripes. And has a smaller casque and is smaller than the ones i have seen on the internet. I will try and get a pic
oh i get it. i was going to get a veiled and when i did all my research i saw those two and i thought they were both from yemen just different kinds
im pretty sure there's only one type of veiled. sunburst is just a designer name given to veileds with a certain coloration

but anyway, DChalo you should post a pic of your cham.
Here is a picture of him while he's sleeping

Im pretty sure its not female Prettyinink


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Here is another pic, unfortunately its very similar from my first because i didnt wanna wake my cham

oh, the pic didnt attach
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