Small and odd chameleons

Kinyonga, I love seeing your weird and wonderful posts! I think the slightly more "boring" chams (with no offense to the little dudes and dudettes!) often get overlooked for the more colourful ones - I'd love to get some pygmies when I have more room (and time and knowledge!). I'd like a Brookesia stumpfi just because it sounds like a Harry Potter spell :p

Edit: How does the Chamaeleo namaquensis live, do you know? It seems like it inhabits some pretty dry and non-leafy areas!
B. peramata is so cool! Looks like the smallest medieval dragon iv ever seen :D:D I wish i could get some of them in the future :)
I saw a BBC special on the Namaqua Chameleon. It was neat to see it change half of its body black to absorb more heat while leaving the other half white. Nice job finding these pics!
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