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I made the mistake of taking some baby tears from an outside enclosure and planting it in one of my enclosures inside. There must have been some hitchhikers on the baby tears. I noticed some decent sized slugs in the inside enclosure about a month after, I’m guessing the baby tears had eggs on it. I would remove them when the lights were off and the fogger was on. I probably removed about a dozen or so. The enclosure was uninhabited during this period. I went a period of time without noticing any slugs. The enclosure is now housing a juvenile female carpet and last night I noticed afew tiny slugs. Unfortunately they are back. Is there any way to remove them without harming the carpet or the plants? Are they dangerous to the chameleon or the plants ? I’ve noticed afew holes in the pothos. I’m also slightly worried about some of my more expensive plants in the enclosure, jewelled orchids, nepenthes spotted bromeliads etc.. thanks for any insight.
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