Sleepy yemen chameleon


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Hi, Im very new to this so I hope that I have done this right. We have a 6 month old yemen chameleon who has been very healthy and lovely. However, yesterday he seemed a bit sleepy but he ate a few crickets and some mealworms. Today, he has slept all day, we have sprayed him with his water and he opened his eyes but he didnt really move far. We then got him out and he seemed ok, but as soon as he went back in his cage he climbed his branch and went back to sleep? There are no vets that are near us that specialise in reptiles so we would really appreciate any advice that anyone can offer us :( .
Sleeping in the daytime is a sign that your chameleon is sick. Fill out the recomended form above. Where do you live? Maybe someone on here can recommend a vet for you.
Welcome to the world of chameleons!

What brand and type (compact, spiral, long linear tube, etc.) UVB light do you use?

How long have you had the chameleon? Is it a male for sure?

Can you please fill out the questionaire at the top of the health section titled "how to ask for help".
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