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Hi again
So my veiled chameleon seems to be sleeping alot. I got him 3 days ago and its the first time im seeing him close his eyes. I left my house at about 8;30 am and he wasnt sleeping but when i got back at about 4:30 pm he was asleep near the bottom of his cage on a stick in his devils ivy and has been asleep since i got home. Its now almost 9 pm and i dont know how long he was asleep before that. I took out the little food stand i had made last night since it was only temporary and he woke up and watched me for about 20 minutes then closed his eyes again. It was already getting dark around this time and i had turned off his lights since i did some research on the lighting and read a few articles that said i should turn them off. hes still asleep and a light green color right now. I have a lamp on in my room so i can still see so idk if it might be bothering him. I have his humidty at 50% and the temp is at 70.


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so i just looked at him a little closer to see if anyhing was in his eyes since i added new live plants and now i think he might be shedding because his skin looks kinda flakey and white but i dont want to watch him too much while hes asleep incase he wakes up and getting scared

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Can you reconcile the hours you've seen him asleep with his lighting schedule?
(And what is his lighting schedule, please?)

IOW, is he sleeping when the lights are on? It's not unusual for chameleons to bed down early—maybe an hour or so before 'lights-out', but they should remain awake until close to when the lights actually do go out.

Sleeping during the day/light-on could be an indicator of a health and/or husbandry issue.

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Hi there. If you had the lights on nonstop for the 3 days then this will greatly disrupt his sleep. 12 hours on and 12 hours off with total darkness. No red lights at all.

Along with pics of the cham please post a picture of the entire enclosure from the lights down.
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