Sleeping under fogger!


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Chameleon Info:
Your Chameleon - Carpet, Male, 4-5 months. Been in my care for a few weeks.
Handling - I handle him MAYBE once a week to do a quick scan and clean around him.
Feeding - Feeding crickets. About 6-12 at a time, depends on how often he eats. I feed the crickets sweet potatoes/lettuce/carrots.
Supplements - I use Calcium, Calcium d3 and multivitamin. I use Calcium 3 days on, one day off. Calcium d3 2 times a month and multivitamin once a month
Watering - I have a fogger that I continuously run. I mist 5 or 6 times a day. I've never seen him drink but I'm pretty sure he just doesn't do it in front of me. He wont eat in front of me but I sneak around the corner and watch him eat.
Fecal Description - Tons of it black and white. looks very healthy.
History - Last week he was hanging under the uvb light. He use to sleep during the day but I changed the bulb I and that stopped.

Cage Info:
Cage Type - Glass screen combo. Its 24"x18'x24"
Lighting - I use a reptisun5.0 linear and a regular house bulb 65W
Temperature - The basking temp is right around 80. The night time temp can get down to 65 but usually is around 70. I measure the temps with 3 regular thermostats and one digital one.
Humidity - Levels never get below 50% Can get up to 85 and maybe 90 after a long mist. Average would be 70ish%. I keep these levels by running the fogger on low and misting.
Plants - I have a potho and a fake plant.
Placement - My cage is in my room by a vent. I never go in my room except to sleep so he is rarely disturbed while sleeping.
Location - North Carolina

My Carpet Chameleon stays under the fogger and has been brown for the last week. The only time he is green is when handle him or when he notices crickets. He will go from Brown to green so fast when he sees crickets! He's eating great lately. A little extra info would be my brother had spring break this past week so there was a little extra traffic outside his cage. I rearranged his cage a little while ago as well. Maybe 2 weeks ago at the longest. I really can't remember the last time I've seen him green. Let me know if you need any additional information. I'm worried and I cancelled a beach trip this weekend to make sure he is ok.
I haven't kept carpets, but wonder if you are assuming his "green" coloration is calm normal when in fact it is his excited color (as you said when he sees food or is active). The brown may in fact be his more mature baseline color...and he turns green when something is going on. A relaxed cham's color tends to be duller.
Can anyone confirm that? It would make sense. He is bright green when he sleeps and always a brownish greenish color. Please let me know! Thank you!
honestly ive never seen mine brown. im going to assume he is still new to his surroundings and doesnt feel secure yet. normally they will be a bright green when secure. personally you do not need to run a fogger. he needs a flux in humidity. your hand mistings 2-3 times a day will be sufficient. mine like A LOT of foliage and like it pretty warm, high 80's basking spot. they are the shyest chameleon i have ever owned. so putting as much foliage in the cage will keep him happy.
Thank you for your response^

I have to agree that he is very shy. The back of the cage is like a Jungle and he hides back there all the time. He is still new to his cage so I'm going to give it another week and address this again. He is eating GREAT... pooping a ton. I just let him be but I have to admit, I've NEVER owned any animal that I worry about as much as this little one!

As for the fogger. It usually runs during the morning before I'm up. When I wake up and mist him, I usually turn it off. I want to keep it until I do the drainage system which will be early April. Thanks for the responses and any additional feedback is welcomed!
Just wanted to update everyone. My Carpet is still eating great! I'm amazed by how much he eats. I bought a mistking and will install it Tuesday when It gets here. I decided to replace a fake plant with another possible Potho. I already have one in there and it is thriving so I'm comfortable with getting another one.

I've also decided to increase the temp a little. Its been 77 during the day so i've decided that since hes maturing, 80-83 degrees may be better and it will simulate the summer months. I feel he is doing great but I just want him to be as happy as possible!

Just doing a few minor changes to keep him happy!
Thats cool! I'm in Durham!

The humidity in the summer here is BADDDD! I hate going outside because it feels like you just got out of the shower.
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