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My veiled is now sleeping alot earlier than before!! Before she would go to sleep at about 9-10 p.m. but now she goes to sleep at about 6-7 p.m. and thats the time I get home to feed her so now she eats in the morning only. So should I give her more food in the morning now? Or should I still give her the same amount in the morning? She gets about 10-15 crix 2 times a day so should I give her thirty in the morning and non in the evening? Because she goes to sleep so early I cant feed her that late, is there something wrong?

Chameleons should be awake for almost the entire time that there is sufficient light for them to see. Once it becomes too dark for them to see, they find a night perch and assume the sleeping position. I have personally made observations that they will spend about 10-20 minutes in their night perch with their eyes open and looking around. Presumably checking their safety before going dormant during the night.

If chameleons are sleeping during the lit period of their day cycle, it is generally a sign that there may be a problem.

Also, there should be a good hour if not more of availiable basking time AFTER your chameleons have had a meal. There is no setting sun for them to gauge weather they should eat and have time to digest (while basking) before the temperatures become too cool.

How old is your veiled chameleon? That is plenty of food for a female veiled, if she is laying infertile clutches I bet they are quite large.
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Both of my chams always seem to know when there lights are about to go out. I have there lights come on at 6:30am and turn off at 6:30pm. At about 6:10pm he goes to his perch and curls up. Its like clockwork.
My chams all do this also. Like clockwork, they are ready for bedtime a half an hour or so before the lights go out.

She usually does that too but now she goes to sleep so early I cant even feed her her night time meal. Now I have to feed her more in the morning, is that right?
cosmo seemd to know what tyme the lights go off too he's perched 30 min before the lights go out every night
What cycle are your lights on? How many hours of light are you providing a day? Chameleons seem to do best at around 12 to 13 hours of light. Any more than that and they will dose off on their own.
lilj0e said:
cosmo seemd to know what tyme the lights go off too he's perched 30 min before the lights go out every night

I have had my Cham for 2 weeks now, he is about 3 1/2-4 months old. He does the same thing. 30 min before he is perched ready for the night.

i noticed Splinter first tucking herself in at night a while ago,now they all go to their sleeping areas at night maybe a half hour before the lights go off.
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