Sleeping on rock and Blacklight pic


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Took this pic in pitch darkness (with night-time mode) so could not focus it. I think it is interesting that with all the leafy, secure spots he could choose, my veiled prefers a "rock" out in the open. Secure little guy...

Also, I could not resist trying a blacklight pic. I got wildly excited about the green areas-but I think it is shed. Interesting how his normal white areas (chin) are a different color.


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He is definitely in his enclosure, you can see the Govee above him. Maybe because it is one of the highest spots in his cage? Just to his right and below him is a massive jungle of plants where he often went when he was younger.

He very rarely hides. When I put my hand in to service the cage I literally have to nudge him out of the way LOL.


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Honestly I can confirm from experience that chams can get comfortable in their enclosures to the point that they don't hide or curl up while sleeping. Chandler has had 4 different enclosures, soon to be 5, over the 4 years I've had him. Prior to each move, he's slept out in the open and been stretched out rather than curled up, but after the moves he goes back to hiding and curling up while sleeping. That and in each cage he's found the perfect spot that he can basically just lay down and perfectly balance without holding on tightly.
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