Sleep during Day?!?


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I wonder if any of you have similar problem?

I was taking out my ambilobe panther chamleon so I can cleaned the cage and also put in a new ficus benjamin plant. I noticed he def dont want to get out.. he did hiss but not bite.. he was crawling up on laundry bag and stayed. I was cleaning and adding more set up, then I notcied he closed his eyes!

I know chameleon not supposed to sleeping during the day, Why is that? Lucky I put him in the cage on time and open his eyes yea. I was WORRIED, What if I have to clean the cage again or take him to vet, what should I do?

Also the lights wont burn the ficus plant or?



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Well how close is your plant to the lights?. If it is touching the hot screen under the basking bulb, then yes it might burn the plant. Under the UVB most likely not as it really does not give off any heat. As far as the eye closing, just keep an eye on him. No, it is not normal for them to sleep during the day, but often times people mistake closed eyes for sleeping and they are not always sleeping but closing their eyes due to sicknes, or maybe incorrect lighting. Just watch and see if he does it while inside the cage.


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take out the FICUS, those things wear on their eyes really fast. I have never had a Chameleon not start eye rubbing and having their eyes closed during the day when I stared using a ficus. My suggestion, use an umbrella plant from home depot and pothos.


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Do you mean he was sleeping only when he was outside of the cage??
Could be he got cool and "thought" it was time for bed.
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