Slag and his enclosure


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Here is a pic of Slag, my sons Jacksons Cham that he named after the Dinobot triceratops from Transformers. I also included a pic of the enclosure i built for him. It is 20x20x36 and I sealed the wood with 3 coats of minwax polyurethane. The plant is a schefflera sp., I couldn't find a dwarf, but he seems to enjoy it and gets around pretty good on it. It is repotted and you can't tell but it also has screen to keep the feeders from getting in the soil and prevent accidental ingestion of the soil. ambient temps are 76 and basking is 85. I also have some fake foliage in there for climbing. Should I add more foliage at the bottom? There are also holes drilled on top of the container it is sitting on for drainage. If there is any changes i should make please let me know. Thanks.


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