Simba Shedding and eating (pic heavy & vid!)


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Hi All,

FINALLY got the internet fixed...woo hoooooooo!!

And now for you viewing pleasure, just wanted to share some pics I took of Simba now he's 5 months old.

Eyeing up his wax worm treat


Then off he went to bask :cool:

Not long after these pics, went in to find him starting to shed :)

Gave him a good misting to help him get the skin off

Then about 10 mins later, poor lil man looked like this.....

Then he makes a total mess LOL

Gotta love how fresh they look after shedding!!



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" What u lookin at??!"


Went and got him a new feeder bowl today(green to match his pad)

Then fed him some lovely juicy locusts! :p

Here's a link to the vid I got of him huntin his locusts..

I just love that lil man!!! I spent about an hour watchin him without realising.

Hope you like :D


Miss Lily

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:eek: He has grown so much - and all that lovely colour is coming through! I love it when they shed - I remember coming home once after Amy had shed and it looked like she'd had her own personal snowstorm going on!:D


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i do really like the blue panthers one day by budget will reach that far :)

what is he/she like to handle as from the forum ive read they are less aggressive?


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what is he/she like to handle as from the forum ive read they are less aggressive?
A little scaredy cat at the mo. I've not forced him into being handled. The one time I did try he ran straight off my hand so I decided to wait until he's bigger, then try him again.

You're right tho all chams are different...some are less aggresive. Some seem to want to be handled as it sometimes means freedom from their enclosures....others simply tolerate it....then there's some that would rather die than entertain the idea :D
I am hoping Simba will at least tolerate it as it makes cleaning enclosure much easier ;)


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Where do you get your locusts?
I'm in the UK so all the livefood places sell them. I've read you can't import them or something to the US is that right? Shame as they make great feeders. Don't stink like crickets do!!! LOL


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Just went in this morning to find a tiny lil pool of water in his new feeder bowl :rolleyes:

I thought I'd nipped of enough leaves to stop the water dripping in....obviously not.

Going to drill a drainage hole in the bottom so feeders/Simba won't come to any harm ;)


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Thanks all :)

Drainage hole in his feeder bowl now which works well. Whenever the droplets fall in they just drip straight out the bottom ;)

I've also raised his enclosure, drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom panel and put a tray underneath to catch the excess water. I've increased the habba mist spray/drip:rolleyes: time to 1 min from 45secs and that comes on 4 times a day so needed to sort drainage.
Also gets handmisted so had to make sure all that water doesn't accumulate in the bottom :D
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